Libertarians is a TV series about four anarchist women who had a pivotal and revolutionary role in late 19th century and early 20th century Argentina. They strived for social change, equality, for the betterment of working conditions, for free love, not constricted by institutions and for freedom in all its forms. However, their stories remained untold.

Director: Daiana Rosenfeld
Writer: Daiana Rosenfeld
Production Company: Lumen Cine
Producers: Aníbal Garisto y Daiana Rosenfeld
Executive Producer: Aníbal Garisto
Director of Photography: Tobías Tosco y Daiana Rosenfeld
Editing: Daiana Rosenfeld
Sound: Francisco Pellerano
Sound Design: Jorge Miranda.
Sound Mix: Gaspar Scheuer – Estudio Ñandu
Color and DCP: Pepo Razzari
Graphic Design: Martín Lehmann
Origin: Argentina 2019