El Polonio

While living in Montevideo, Natalia suffered a great loss and decided to go recover at Cabo Polonio. This town is a paradise for tourists in the summer, but only 60 people live there during the winter. There’s no electricity or running water. In a struggle to overcome her inner crisis, Natalia, just like the rest of the town, faces a hostile and desolated environment every day. However, she will do anything to move forward.

Director and Writer: Daiana Rosenfeld y Aníbal Garisto
Producers: Daiana Rosenfeld y Aníbal Garisto
Photography: Federico Luaces
Editing: Federico Fogo, Daiana Rosenfeld y Aníbal Garisto
Sound: Gaspar Scheuer
Runtime: 76 min
Origin: Argentina, 2011

Filmed in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay